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Pest, Termite Control & Treatment Melbourne Vic

Termites eat wooden furniture and products and make them look bubbling or wrinkled. If you have some wooden furniture with great heritage value, you can’t easily replace it like other timber products. Faruk was so professional and you know you are getting honest, genuine service. The receptionist Fay was always so prompt with her messaging. Honestly, I cannot recommend and would not go anywhere else.
When you hire us to treat the termite issue in your home, we remove them effectively using the proper methods and equipment. Also, we make arrangements to prevent them from coming back in the future again. Hiring a professional to undertake termite moths the termite pest control issue is the only way to permanently remove them from your home or office. We strive to provide quality in everything that we do and ensure our customers have a comfortable living at the house and office.

Thankfully they found no termites but advised on preventative measures and answered my many questions. Often the first evidence a home owner has that they have a termite or white ant problem is large numbers of winged insects emerging from a door or window architrave or through plaster. These winged Alates, as we call them, are the future termite queens leaving to start new nests elsewhere. We had Paul come to do this service and we were extremely happy with his service.He was polite, efficient, professional, informative, very easy to talk to and yet unobtrusive. The technician was extremely friendly and informative. Dawsons responded promptly, didn’t troll me, gave accurate estimate prices and assessment and were able to fit me in same day.
Using the latest technology and the detailed eyes of our trained experts, we locate the signs and causes of an infestation with ease. We know that termites are insects at the end of the day and could affect your health negatively. While getting rid of them we wouldn’t want to have your health affected now would we? That’s why our treatment solutions are eco-friendly and safe. We still had some ants that were lingering around since we had the initial treatment a couple of months ago. I was advised by the office staff that the technician would be arriving shortly.
The treatment suggested will be based on the area size, level of infestation and amount of damage done. Our experts will suggest treatments that eradicate the problem and prevent it from arising in the future. If you are on a hunt for your dream home and the thought of the home being infested by termites worries you, it is best to get the chosen property evaluated by a pest control expert.

Our experienced technicians will report the termite species, the extent of destruction they have caused, the reasons behind the infestation, and more. The termites can be completely eradicated by using professional pest control service, they make use of solutions that are eco-friendly and leave no possibility for further growth of termites. If a possum has become an uninvited guest in your home’s roof or wall cavities, Our pest control specialist can usher them out.
Chemical treatment involves chemically treating the soil of your building to prevent termites from entering it. The chemical in the soil discourages the termites from attacking your home or office. The chemical acts as a repellent and offer long-term protection from termites.

When our professional technicians visit your property, they carry out a thorough inspection using the latest detection equipment. Once the inspection has been completed, they discuss the findings and recommend the best treatment and prevention services for long-term protection. Termites can cause profound damage to the structure of a home.
I called them in the morning and they were able to visit my home that same day in the afternoon! Great customer service and the technicians were very helpful and answered all my questions. Using the most modern detection equipment, technology and treatments available for pest control, your Melbourne home or business will be well taken care of by the team at VIP Pest Control.
Following this, we apply treatments to other affected areas of the home, including the roof voids, the cavities of the wall, and the sub floor. The next step is to build an outdoor barrier around the perimeter of your property to prevent pests from penetrating its protective wall. We also consult directly with the property owner to identify potential elements that could attract pests and take the appropriate steps to neutralise them. I would highly recommend them to anyone needed pest inspection or management. It can often be difficult to spot when your home or business has a termite infestation.

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