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Prophetic Guide To The End Times On

The devil is busy bringing in all types of aberrant beliefs which we will review in this message, but we are to look only to Christ and His holy Word as we proclaim the three angels’ messages. In Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, Jesus identified 22 signs of that time. Now, for the first time in history, most of these signs are increasing and making global headline news. When all the signs accelerate at the same time, then God’s people are“to know”they are living in the generation of Christ’s return.
Each emphasizes repentance, overcoming, and judgment according to works. Throughout Israel’s history, the trumpet blast has always meant the onset of war, death, and destruction, ushering in harsh correction for physical Israel. A prophet is one who carries a message from another.

Christ will defeat Antichrist and establish a millennial kingdom of peace and prosperity on earth. A news based website and ministry looking at ‘End Times’ events in the light of Biblical prophecy. One needs only to read the daily papers to see how true this is. The overthrow of moral limits always destroys the fire and glow of love. The psychologists and philosophers who seek to measure the pulse of our times tell us that the major problem of our age is meaninglessness-the loss of fire in life, the coldness of the human heart.
Like religious apocalyptic thinking, the secular version is one response to the problem of suffering- in theological terms a theodicy. Bible interpreters see these passages differently in terms of the timing of these events, in terms of whether they refer to events that happened in the first century, will happen in our future, or some combination of both. Interpreters also differ on whether or not God’s people will even be around when this “tribulation” happens. Virtually every generation since the time of Christ has believed it was the final generation, that Christ would return before that generation died. (I say ‘virtually’ to qualify that I have not done enough historical study of every single generation, but every one that I know of.) Each generation read the “signs of the times” and the scripture and came to the conclusion that the end was near. But those kinds of visions come to her only once every year or two, she said.

Or when Attila overran Europe in the 5th century, the Vikings in the 9th, Genghis Khan in the 13th, or the Muslim Turks in the 16th? Might anyone have concluded that the end was near when the Black Death decimated Christendom, wiping out entire towns and claiming more than 25 million lives between 1347 and 1352? How did the situation look to believers at the beginning of the last century, when the so-called Great War destroyed the flower of an entire generation ?
“I believe the Bible teaches that we are already living in the beginning of the end,” he wrote in the aptly titled The Beginning of the End. The minister cited wars, global travel, labor-capital conflicts, same-sex relations, Israel’s statehood, and the creation of the U.N. By the mid-1990s, LaHaye had sold millions of books on prophecy and the Christian life. Even in the United States, widespreaddiseaseandhungerhave long been pervasive for those without the requisiteconnections and money—in other words,privilege.
The liars appeal to our needs, but then we find they can’t deliver. Worse, they consume the very people who follow them. They consume them, use them, and sometimes destroy them.

And let this prophecy stir our souls to worship, obedience, and perseverance. May the person of Christ and our reunion with Him be our goal and our consuming desire. Having warned us to be cautious in the light of the problems which have plagued Christians through the years, let me conclude this lesson by highlighting the purposes of prophecy. If we are to correctly interpret and apply the prophecies of the Book of Revelation, we must study this book in the light of the purposes of prophecy as described in the Scriptures. With these things in mind, let us seek to set a course for our study of this great and final book of the Bible – the Book of Revelation.
Socialism is a plan to subvert God’s dispensation of riches, so it’s not wrong to kick more than a half-million people off of food stamps amid a pandemic. Women’s rights seek to subvert the hierarchy God created for the home, while immigration leads to pluralism, a watering down of America’s Christian essence. The coronavirus is a punishment that entered America through its most liberal cities, and a proactive response to the virus is an overreach of a government that would emasculate men by usurping their God-given autonomy over the safety of the family.

Yet a “strong, united and coherent” Europe represents a threat to the U.S. economy. We need to realize where all these things are leading and how they will affect our lives—your life, your family, your children, your job, and your future. A plague of disease epidemics and pandemics is beginning to worry public health officials all around the world. And many old scourges of humanity are reemerging as super, drug-resistant diseases that ignore penicillin and other drugs that were formerly used to combat them! Of course, degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease continue to affect greater numbers of people, as our food and water supplies become increasingly tainted with the pollutants of our technological age.
Brown told me pastors have reached out to him asking how to handle the fallout in their congregations. Goll used words like “toxic,” “mudslinging,” “disappointment” and “disillusion” to describe the flood of invective from Christians who feel duped by false prophecies. But a sizable share of believers, at least those active online, seem to be holding out for a Trump resurrection sometime this spring. The emerging rift mirrors the one in the GOP, with one faction trying to move on from Trump in the name of democratic principles, and the other redoubling their commitment to him, spurred by the grassroots and in defiance of facts.

Psychoanalyst Robert Lifton deploys the term ‘symbolic death’ to denote the dissolution of society, something he notes can be more frightening than biological death. Both De Martino and Lifton assert that traumatic breakdown has a regenerative side, offering hope that society will continue in some form and provide not End Times Christian Prophetic Warning so much an ending, but rather, a new beginning. And O’Leary argues that apocalyptic scenarios have always been of interest since they provide a sense of meaning to existence, providing purpose and direction to the future. Not only do they enable understanding of the present but they also provide hope for the future.

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