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Philadelphia’s Personal Injury Attorneys

$1,000,000 for a tractor trailer driver who was severely injured after his cab was struck by a wheel that had sheered off from another tractor trailer in York, Pennsylvania. $1,015,000 for a man operating his motorcycle who was paralyzed from the chest down when a commercial vehicle driver and crew failed to secure a piece of equipment properly. $1,850,000 for the family of a young man killed by a commercial truck in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Because the other party was responsible for the accident, the injured party can hold them accountable for their actions and seek compensation. 93% of people injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents and philadelphia personal injury lawyer truck accidents who used a lawyer said they’d do it again, especially when it comes to Lundy Law. Our lawyers are here to provide you with aggressive, high quality representation with personalized service.

This means that they failed to take the same steps that a competent health care provider would have taken in the same situation. Since an ordinary person probably would not understand this standard, a personal injury attorney in Montgomery County would need to retain an expert witness to help prove the plaintiff’s case. Our firm handles claims arising out of emergency room mistakes, hospital infections, failures to diagnose, surgical errors, pharmaceutical errors, birth injuries, and lack of informed consent just to name a few examples. If you have been the victim of aslip and fall accident, call The Law Office of Jared S. Zafran, LLC’s roster of Philadelphia personal injury lawyers to discuss your legal options. At the Reiff Law Firm, our attorneys and staff will work with you, your family, and healthcare providers to determine the true impact of your injuries on your physical and mental wellbeing. Our experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorneys will consider various factors and evidence when deciding the amount of damages sought.
After sustaining an injury in Philadelphia or any of the surrounding areas , you need an attorney you can trust both personally and professionally. I’ve had experience’s with different lawyer’s over the years, but Dave is the best. With our knowledge and resources, you can be guaranteed one of the best legal teams in Philadelphia County, PA, is working for you. We have a winning track record and have recovered MILLIONS for our clients. If you are seriously injured, we will come to you so you can focus on recovery. Our lead attorney, Louis Himmelstein, personally handles each and every case.
You’ll need an experienced personal injury attorney to join you in that fight. At Ostroff Injury Law, you can count on our talented legal team to help make sure you get maximum recovery for the injuries you have suffered. Contact our law firm in Montgomery County, PA for a free consultation. Our personal injury lawyers will hear your case, ask you questions about the incident, and mull over any police reports or medical records to guide you through the process.

Liability is a legal term for responsibility for an accident; that is, we have to prove that another person or organization caused your injury due to negligence. Damages is a legal term for the losses you experienced due to that injury, such as medical bills or lost wages if you weren’t able to work. If you or a loved one have been hit by a car and the driver is found to be at fault, they are responsible for the damages caused by their carelessness. This is one reason New Jersey requires that all drivers buy car insurance. We will get you the settlement you deserve from that policy when we file a personal injury claim on your behalf. The statute of limitations is the time the victim has from the day of their injury to when they must file a lawsuit.
You may be unable to work or care for your family due to the personal injuries you suffered. The frustration stemming from an accident can also cause stress and isolation. Because personal injury claims in Philadelphia arise from a wide scope of situations, it is impossible to give a blanket estimate on what a claim is worth. Each case depends on what happened, the severity of the injuries, how those injuries affected the victim, among numerous other factors. Our personal injury experts know the best way to proceed with your case.

The lawyers on our team have extensive backgrounds and fight for individuals’ rights in personal injury cases. We understand that following an accident, your immediate priorities are recovery, therapy, getting back to work, and taking care of your family. That’s why it is important to have attorneys like us on your side, who have the knowledge and dedication to handle the details of the case for you while you focus on yourself and your loved ones. We firmly believe that you should not have to worry about your case when you work with us. In the state of Pennsylvania, most personal injury cases have a statute of limitations of two years. However, it is to your benefit to speak with a personal injury lawyer as early as possible.
You pay nothing up front or out of pocket, and our fee will never be greater than the amount paid to you. If for some reason we cannot achieve a settlement or verdict for you, you owe us nothing. Client Satisfaction – The attorneys at Munley Law firm have earned the highest client satisfaction ratings in the industry. Our entire staff will work hard not only to get you a fair settlement but also to make you and your family as comfortable as possible throughout the legal process.

The contact form on an attorney’s profile makes it easy to connect with a lawyer serving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and seek legal advice. Experienced, assertive personal injury representation in the Philadelphia, PA area. Assisting people in Philadelphia with their Pennsylvania personal injury issues.
Because we treat each and every client that walks through our doors as if they were family. Our personal injury lawyers have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for clients injured due to nursing home neglect and abuse, medical malpractice, train derailments and in car accidents. Many of our clients were referred to us by other personal injury lawyers who seek our firms’ ability to handle complex cases with unique legal issues. They know our trial lawyers are experienced and fierce advocates who won’t be intimidated by black hat defense teams.
Injuries from products can be serious and may possibly be life-changing. While it can be intimidating to bring aproduct liabilityclaim against a manufacturer, you may need the compensation so you can afford related expenses and care. We can help you stand up to these manufacturing companies, so you get the justice you deserve.

Were you injured in a workplace injury or were the victim of a medical malpractice. Personal injury law is a broad category that covers many different kinds of accidents and injuries. In 2016, there were 12,819 reported auto accidents in Philadelphia. Of those, 301 involved major injuries and 100 were fatal, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Some of the most dangerous roads in Philadelphia include Street Rd. between Route 1 and I-95, I-95 and Delaware Expressway, and Route 1 and Roosevelt Blvd. Also, 1.8% of people in Pennsylvania reported getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control .
If a person is found to be more than 50% to blame for an accident, they are not permitted to recover anything from any other party. It is not uncommon for a case to last for a year or more before it comes to settlement. By filing a lawsuit, you are removing the claim from the control of the insurance adjuster and placing it in the hands of a jury or judge.

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