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An Ideal Destination For Health Tourism

Turkey’s hospitals offer the most advanced medical treatments technology in the world today. In addition to being technologically advanced in medical infrastructure, health tourism in Turkey is in leading position with many advantages. Besides having JCI accreditation, two of these hospitals have recently made their names in health tourism and have hosted health tourism fairs. Antalya is a health tourism destination that has proven itself in Turkey due to its high-quality technological equipment and treatments, cures, and transplants as well as being an easily accessible city in terms of transport.
Turkey stands at the fourth position as a ‘geothermal country in the world.’ As geothermal ‘hot water’ is used for medicine, it has emerged as a medical destination in the world. With the opening of its new airport in Istanbul, Turkey has made it easier for the patients of over 50 countries to visit for their medical treatment. “We predict that this number will exceed 10 million by the end of the year,” he said, noting that the United Kingdom, one of the https://turkeymedicals.com/fee-for-health-board-report countries most affected by the pandemic, holds great potential for Turkey’s health tourism sector. Medical Tourism Corporation is an international medical travel company based in the US. But since more than 10 years now, it has also been gaining prominence as amedical tourismdestination. Istanbul and Ankara – important cities in Turkey – haverelatively low rates of crime, but visitors must be careful if they are driving or when crossing the road on foot.

Experienced surgeons, advanced technology and relatively low prices are a plus for many tourists. And its growth in the last couple of years has come as a boon for a city where foreign tourism has fallen drastically since a spate of terror attacks in 2016. The ex-Soviet state is popular with German, Austrian and Swiss citizens seeking cheaper dentistry and well-equipped medical facilities near to home. One town — Gyor in northwest Hungary — boasts more than 150 dental clinics serving international patients, according to Patients Beyond Borders. Around 670,000 people travel to Malaysia each year, typically for « executive » healthcare screenings in the cities of Kuala Lumpur or Penang.
However, many posters shared both positive and less-than-positive experiences in their narratives and often provided both criticism and positive feedback in the same post. In addition, the posters did not always note their gender, country of origin, or other demographic information. However, anonymity may have also encouraged people to share more online and discuss sensitive topics and issues making the 36 narratives a robust source of information.

Healthcare in Turkey has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and the country now has a number of internationally accredited, state-of-the-art hospitals. However, there are some institutions that compromise on safety standards to cut costs – those that frugal tourists should pay attention to. ISTUSAD says that medical and health tourists are mostly from Europe, Russia, Turkic republics and Gulf countries, with many being Turkish nationals. Key destinations are Istanbul, the Mediterranean resort province of Antalya and the capital Ankara. Determining the Turkey’s health tourism market segmentations will generate the positive effect on the target market which is currently heterogeneous for health tourism operators and intermediary institutions. Moreover, this knowledge would allow the target market to be divided into homogeneous groups, with different marketing mixes for each group.
The Government’s aim is to ensure a competitive, sustainable and inclusive tourism industry. Current policy objectives include diversifying away from the mass tourism ‘sun and sea’ product by developing high quality niche tourism experiences that match consumer expectations. These niches include cultural tourism, sports tourism, MICE/business tourism and the health/wellness sector. Extending the season to benefit from a year-round product and spreading the benefits of tourism regionally are other important objectives.

Health tourism is now considered one of the most important trends in our world. We can simply define health tourism as traveling from country to another to seek beauty with affordable health care. Your personal data may be shared with international authorities in case required by law or necessary for the services provided. But, as Turkey’s international healthcare business continues to grow, questions about the regulation of medical tourism are bound to arise. There can be huge differences between the cost of treatment in Turkey and in the United States.
It is all to easy for a patient to be attracted by what appears to be a bargain, but anyone considering such cosmetic surgery must be careful she says. “In all unlicensed clinics surgeons leave the work to technicians, inexperienced medical students and sometimes even to drivers or cleaners,” says Gülten Ünveren, the general manager of the licensed Istanbul-based hair implant centre Mega HairTrans. Most recently a sub-industry has emerged – moustache transplants – attracting male patients inspired by Turkish soap opera actors or Hollywood celebrities, the general manager at the licensed Natural Hair Turkey, Ersin Murtezaoglu, tells The National. Most patients bring a picture of their favourite movie star or singer whom they want to look like, he says. Then the agencies introduce the patients to a clinic, which in return pays the tour agency a certain amount of commission per visitor. Taking advantage of its position as a global meeting point between East and West, Turkey aims to capitalise on a health tourism boom.
Shortly, health tourism is a travel for wellness and health from one country to another for better treatment, affordable surgical fees, and so on. For the best example, Turkey is one of the first five developed countries in the world in health tourism. The best feature of Turkey is to provide the best treatment at affordable prices and offer a variety of medical treatments. Turkey is now one of the most popular destinations for medical destinations for medical tourists.

No negative test or quarantine period is required for visitors arriving from « safe » countries across the EU, Asia, and Oceania. All arrivals must present a negative PCR test, no older than 72 hours and fill in a health declaration form. Anybody travelling to Liechtenstein from a ‘high risk’ country must quarantine for 10 days upon arrival.
Tourism is one of the economic activities most affected by the pandemic situation. On the other hand, tourism mobility is also an important factor in the spread of infectious diseases. « Even when there were problems in the tourism industry it didn’t affect the medical tourism domain very much, » he said. « Despite the decline in the tourism sector in 2016, we see a five-percent growth in health tourism, based on statistics, » Kodan said, adding that the aim was to achieve up to seven billion dollars in revenue this year. With over 300 clinics specialised in hair transplant alone, Istanbul is becoming a growing hub in the industry, attracting patients from all over the world but mainly from the Middle East and the Gulf. Despite the high price of treatment, between 600,000 and 800,000 foreign patients opted for U.S.-based treatment last year, according to Patients Beyond Borders.

Health professionals and patients say plastic and corrective eye surgery costs, including travel and accommodation, can be up to 60 percent below comparable programs in Western Europe. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said that the virus that causes COVID-19 is likely to cause a 60% decline in international tourism in 2020, and that the decline may well reach 80% if recovery is delayed until December. Health tourism encompasses a wide range of treatments, from medical tourism , thermal tourism , elderly and disabled tourism (long-term stays with social activities in geriatric treatment centers). Turkey’s geographical location, quality of services, good climate, and short distance from most countries, all of this strengthens Turkey’s position in medical tourism. In this chapter, the authors present an overview of COVID-19′s effects on health tourism and tourist health.
Apart from this, in the industry 4.0 period, when technology is used at a maximum level, all kinds of information exchange with domestic and foreign tourists should be ensured by opening the door of Antalya to health tourism. Each activity by a health tourist who wants to come to Antalya as a result of effective communication should be planned from the flight ticket to accommodation and treatment, inspiring confidence. Lack of good organization prevents the provision of good service, and this situation shows up as a negative flag for Antalya. According to a report published by the OECD in 2017, life expectancy of people in the member states has increased by 10 years since 1970 and reached an average of 80.6 years. The life expectancy of people at birth is longest in Japan with 83.9 years and in Switzerland and Spain at 83 years. The development of healthier life styles and improvements in health raise people’s life expectancy .
Travellers who show a negative PCR test need to register digitally in advance to obtain pre-travel clearance. Find more information on the pre-travel clearance here and find the form you need to fill in before travelling here. Travellers who can show proof of full vaccination or past infection do not need to register for pre-travel clearance and do not need to self-isolate. Please note that Covishield, Sinopharm and Sinovac are only accepted to enter Austria. Covishield, Sinopharm and Sinovac are not accepted for entering any type of accommodation, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, leisure centres, gyms, cultural institutions, on cable cars/ski lifts and for body-related services. Upon arrival, you need to show a PCR test no older than 72 hours, which has to be issued by a medical authority.

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