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Best Wilmington Workers Compensation Attorneys

Any employer, other than those excluded below, having one or more employees, full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary, is required to provide WC coverage for the employees. In Georgia, an employer must obtain valid Workers Compensation coverage once the business has three or more full or part time employees. A roofing company is required to have Workers Comp insurance even if it has no employees. Employees who suffer a work-related injury to their limbs, eyes, ears, or face may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim even if they did not miss any work.
Upon graduating from law school, Chief Deputy Commissioner Wade Goodwin opened a law practice focusing on family law. Additionally, all Deputy Commissioner hearings shall be conducted remotely via Webex videoconference, unless the Deputy Commissioner grants an in-person hearing upon a showing of good cause as to why an in-person hearing should be allowed. If a party believes that a case is neither appropriate for a Webex hearing nor appropriate to be heard in person at the present time, the party may file a motion to temporarily remove the case from the hearing docket with the presiding Deputy Commissioner. Effective March 1, 2021, all carriers, third-party administrators, and self-insured employers are required to provide the Commission with an email address for receipt of claim-related documents. The designated email address shall be provided to the Commission at The email address provided will be used in cases where the Commission does not have an individual email address for the claims representative assigned to the claim.

While it is too early to tell whether a COVID-19 related injury allegedly resulting from an exposure in the workplace will result in claims that may fall within the fraudulent concealment exception to the Workers’ Compensation Act, the potential for such a claim certainly exists. Employers abiding by California’s workers’ compensation insurance requirements are not necessarily insulated from lawsuits filed by employees for damages arising from work-related exposure to COVID-19. Approximately three months into the unprecedented pandemic that drastically altered the way of life worldwide, states cautiously began lifting stay-at-home orders. California, one of the states hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, was among these states. This article explores some of the issues posed by COVID-19 in the context of recent changes to California’s workers’ compensation laws and the impact of these changes on employers, as well as issues concerning employers’ potential exposure to litigation for COVID-19 related claims.
There is no way to guess how much money you will get for medical care, for example, without in-depth information about your particular injury and treatment needs. Although it is always advisable to contact a reputable attorney who specializes in workers compensation cases from the start, you can also call for an appointment after you receive any of these notices or letters. Did you file for workers compensation but struggle to understand what the notices and documents mean? Without a lawyer on your side who understands the terminology and bureaucratic jargon associated with these types of cases, you may feel very lost and confused.
We treat our clients with courtesy and provide effective representation. Approaching our work with integrity and legal know-how has earned us an excellent reputation both with our peers and adversaries. With a consistent track record for ethical representation and use of cutting edge technology, we earn the trust of our clients and CA Workers’ Comp Attorney carry on the family tradition established more than 50 years ago by the Schwartz family. We help you obtain quality medical treatment while we fight to get you the monetary settlement you deserve. While our main office is located in the Encino, CA, we take pride in representing clients in Palmdale, Lancaster and Santa Clarita.

Cutting Workers’ Hours May Not Save in Long RunGovernor Jerry Brown wants to cut state worker pay by 5 percent, to help close California’s $16 billion budget gap. To get the expected $800 million in savings, the Governor is proposing to shorten the workweek for state employees. California ‘Public Employees’ Bill of Rights’ stalls A legislative committee Friday held back a sweeping measure that would have extended some job protections to rank-and-file state workers and given civil servants explicit preference for work the state needs to have done. Cost of Drug Testing SoarsA new report by the California Workers’ Compensation Institute documents an astonishing increase in the number and cost of drug screening tests.
This makes it possible to receive direct compensation for your medical bills. As state laws and particular circumstances differ, it makes sense to ask your attorney how you get a second opinion, expand your treatment options, or see a specialist outside of the network. All too often, people who have been involved in job related incidents are met with unfair treatment and are denied the medical attention and monetary compensation they are entitled to under the law in California. Many times, injured workers and their families are left in the dark as to what steps to take to defend their rights and get the benefits that they need.

Upon approval by the Deputy Commissioner, the parties will not be required to appear remotely if they stipulate that no lay witness testimony is necessary or agree to take any needed lay witness testimony by deposition. In such cases, the parties shall submit a Pre-Trial Agreement and a set of stipulated exhibits, and then proceed to take medical depositions. The Executive Secretary’s Office has been receiving a high volume of phone calls from legal assistants inquiring about the status of orders in cases where the orders already have been emailed to the attorneys. The Commission requests that attorneys working remotely please advise their assistants when orders are received.
Oklahoma has historically had a competitive state fund, but that is in process of being convereted into a mutual insurance company. The former Nevada monopoly State Fund has been reconstituted as a competitive mutual insurance company. Partners and sole proprietors may individually elect to obtain coverage. The law does exempt a very small and very specific group of employees, which includes farm laborers, domestic servants, certain real estate agents and direct sellers and commercial motor-carrier owner-operators.
Immigrants rally at California Capitol for rights of domestic workers Neira Ortega said she left Oaxaca, Mexico, 15 years ago for a better life in California. She said she didn’t realize she would end up a virtual prisoner in her employer’s Chula Vista home. Golden Gate Ferry workers go on strikeFerry service across San Francisco Bay is being disrupted after Golden Gate Ferry workers represented by the Inlandboatmen’s Union walked off the job on a one-day strike Saturday. Steelworkers union undermines Northern California refinery workers strikeFor the second time since the beginning of March, refinery workers at Tesoro’s Golden Eagle Refinery in Martinez, California have voted to authorize a strike. Since the first strike authorization, however, the United Steelworkers has worked hard to isolate the refinery workers.

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