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Anaheim Labor Employment Attorney

Jerry D Underwood has worked in employment law for over 21 years. He has successfully represented individuals and businesses in the state and federal courts and various administrative agencies. Jerry also represented clients through private mediation and arbitration.
Nassiri Law Group handles employment law cases for clients throughout the Anaheim metro area. This firm has a very wide base of experience advocating for employees in the workplace, dealing with discrimination and sexual harassment cases regularly. It also handles problems with employee compensation, family and medical leave, pay discrimination, and wrongful termination. Clients receive representation throughout the trial process and Nassiri Law Group negotiates settlements to satisfy them as retribution for mistreatment. In the workplace, you are protected by federal, state, and local laws.

For clients who reside outside of Anaheim, we are located about an hour southeast of Los Angeles and LAX airport. Under the direction of the department’s administrator, primary duties include scheduling meetings and programs, organizing meeting and program information and working with attorney volunteers. Other duties will include attending meetings and events to coordinate all logistics with caterers and facility management at off-site locations. Position requires a highly organized and detail oriented candidate. Applicants should submit a cover letter describing their education, career goals, and relevant experience, along with their resume, and a writing sample to To view the complete job description, click here. Performs a wide range of legal services in one or more areas of municipal law on behalf of City officials, departments, advisory bodies and commissions.
Mr. Robertson regularly appears before the judges in Orange County Superior Court, Los Angeles Superior Court, and San Diego Superior Court. He is a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association . The employer may face legal action and if it is found to have improperly Employment Law Attorney classified a worker, the employer may have to provide compensation for past overtime work, certain benefits, workers’ compensation coverage, and more. In this event, the worker can either file a claim with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement or in civil court.

While employment is at will, employers are not permitted to violate California employment laws when terminating an employee. Among other things, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, pregnancy, gender, family or medical leave, sex, religion, and sexual orientation. FEHA is used to protect people from being wrongfully terminated due to factors not within their control.
In addition to helping with acts of being treated unequally in the workplace, we can offer the services of a workers compensation attorney as well. Our attorney is here to help you with the legal issues you are facing and help you get the results you are searching for that are allowable under the law. One of the most common and prevalent areas which can lead litigation for wrongful termination, is when an employee is discharged based on discrimination. There are numerous laws which dictate that employees must be afforded equal and fair treatment in the workplace. Unfortunately, discrimination is extremely common and can occur in various forms and contexts. There are numerous employment laws which protect employees such as discrimination based on one’s disability, ethnic background, national origin, age, or sexual orientation.

In the weeks prior, she said she’d begged her warehouse manager and human resource office for lighter duty. She provided a doctor’s note requesting pregnancy accommodations, which indicated she was not to lift, push, pull or carry more than 20 pounds. She was also not to walk or stand for more than half of her shift. The bins she was responsible for lifting could be up to 50 pounds, repeatedly, over a 10-hour shift. Few corporate arenas are immune from ageism and age discrimination in the workforce, but sales and retail settings are known to be some of the worst offenders. Not only is this excellent news for those who have been directly impacted, but the effect is that secret settlements are no effectively barred.
Hiring an employment lawyer also ensures your case is taken seriously by the employer. Unfortunately, your case will never be taken seriously by a company unless you hire an attorney. Threatening legal action without a lawyer is like trying to chew without teeth. We are the law firm of Stevens and McMillan, your Breach of Contract Lawyers in Anaheim, and we hold over 20 years of experience in the field, combined. With some of the highest payouts in the counties history, we are considered one of the best employment law firms in all southern California. Contact an Anaheim sexual harassment lawyer at the firm to fight for your rights in any workplace harassment case today.

Additionally, workers alleged employee misclassification, categorizing some workers as salaried and thus “exempt” from overtime pay under the California Labor Code. The pay rate for “salaried” employees, plaintiffs asserted, fell below the statutory level that would qualify them as exempt employees. The attorneys at Bridge Law LLP provide the residents of Anaheim Hills with the best legal representation possible.
Creating legally binding contracts is crucial to your business being successful. Business owners are faced with countless business law situations, which can range from starting a business and choosing its legal structure to business finances and taxes. These decisions could make or break your financial future and the stability of your business. A business law firm will be able to guide you through these decisions. Connect with a proven Anaheim, California law firm with experience helping clients with Business issues.
Contact Law Office of Nadia Semerdjieva in Anaheim, California for experienced legal assistance in Business. Law Offices of Thomas J. Skane can help you find legal solutions for your Business issue. Sexual harassment litigation in the post-#MeToo era”, Advocate, May 2020. You can change your consent settings at any time by unsubscribing or as detailed in our terms. Collect data and generate reports on intake files and cases, case review lists, outreach and training report forms, and denial of rights forms.

Work is more than just a place where we make money to support ourselves and our families. It is also the place we spend more than half of our time each week, not including timely commutes. California employees have a right to expect a safe workplace where they can do their jobs without violation. Unfortunately, these intrusions do occur, and someone must be held responsible for them. The employment opportunities in Anaheim, CA are diverse and rewarding.
Meanwhile, many employers, facing significant worker shortages, are using the app to reach out to potential workers. Recently, a similar case arose from an allegation of racial discrimination by a former scientist with the UCLA Medical Center. She alleged on-the-job, race-based harassment – which she did prove. In fact, jurors had previously awarded her $1.5 million in damages. However, in a review by a California Court of Appeals, the panel held that because the plaintiff was fired for legitimate reasons , the claimant’s damage award was reduced by more than $275,000.

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