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Taitung Tourist Attractions

You are welcomed and invited to his Ger/Yurt for offering of nomadic drinks and dairy products. This is followed by a brief instruction for riding Mongolian two humped Bactrian camels. Enjoy 2hours warm up ride in the valley through the natural trail along the mountain.
In the past, they were the natural nesting location of swallows; hence it got the name Swallow Grotto. Wenwu Temple is located at the shoulder of mountain where is on the north of Sun Moon Lake. People pray the Civil Saint of Confucius, the Military Saint 台東市名產 of Guangong, and the Established God of two temples in the temple. This morning you will depart from central Taipei and head for the heart of the island, Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area. Sun Moon Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in the island.

You must pay for the tickets you reserved at your local train station or post office to actually receive it. Children under 115 cm height go free, and taller kids shorter than 145 cm and under 12 years of age get half-price tickets. If you get return tickets there is a small discount depending upon travel distance. Taiwan’s main domestic carriers are Mandarin Airlines, a China Airlines subsidiary; UNI Air, controlled by EVA; and TransAsia Airways.
A deposit is often required, and the last day of rental is not pro-rated, but calculated on a per-hour basis at a separate rate. Scooters with an engine size of 50cc require a license to drive, and should be insured and registered in the owner’s name. Foreign nationals with stay less than 30 days do not have a easy way to get a scooter license. Until 2003 it wasn’t possible to get a scooter above 150cc. Many of the scooters within cities are only 50cc and incapable of going faster than 80 km/h .

Tainan City is the ancient capital, the birthplace, the oldest city of Taiwan. In 1661, the Ming loyalist Cheng Cheng-kung drove the Dutch from Taiwan and established his administration in Tainan. At the time, mainland Chinese immigrants were coming to Taiwan in droves, helping the young city to grow. It also is the city with the longest history and earliest cultural roots in Taiwan. In addition to its historic and cultural attractions, Tainan boasts a stunning natural landscape and well-known agricultural and fishery products and cuisine. In spring, the Taiwan International Orchid Show is held in Houbi Township’s Taiwan Orchid Plantation, presenting the early spring orchids in all their beauty and charm.
The Presidential Building was announced by the President as « national historical site » in 1998 and was open for public tour since then. The general public will be able to see in person the location where the president works. The distance between the President and his people will be shortened. I first heard about Rote from a few of my surfer sources. It’s popular with Aussie expats, but this Indonesian island is as far away from Bali as you can imagine – perhaps even the Bali of 10 years ago.

A few shops sell everything from phone and internet credit to ice-cold beer and basic supplies, and there’s also a food market that’s a big weekly event. There’s no ATMs here, so be sure to bring cash as a money transfer may take a couple of days. A-Hsun was inducted into surfing culture in his mid 20s when he lived in Kenting in the southernmost point of Taiwan, but he moved to the Taitung area because the “waves are better”. As A-Hsun tells it, while Taiwan is one of the newest countries on the Australasian Surfing Circuit, the waves in the pre-monsoon season on the east coast are gaining global attention. When my son Fin and I first meet 34-year-old A-Hsun (pronounced ‘Ashoon’) Chen in the township of Taitung, on the east coast of Taiwan, he’s wearing a pair of boardies and lopsided grin, and flashing the shaka sign.
I walked for ten minutes until I reach a place that locals call the “water running up”. From here, I walked into a small road that led me to an empty beach. It’s just stunning although I would recommend that you visit it with some friends because it’s a bit creepy to go there alone. Through a tunnel built during the Japanese period, we entered the interior of the mountain. When you head toward Taiyuan, you will see two bridges where you can look for the monkeys. The county with mountains and seas in the east completely reflects the essence of Taiwan’s beauty.

Scenic resources, the most famous sights around Sun Moon Lake, are the Te Hua House, Kuang Hua Island, the Hsuan Tsang Mosque, the Tzu-En Pagoda, and the Wen Wu Temple and so on. The natural forests bordering these roads are good places for bird watching. Colonies of Black-crowned Night herons and Egretta garzettas, and birds such as the common kingfisher and the Green-winged Teal can be seen at the Chu Hu water reservation, situated around the water gate. Besides these birds, fish, wild pigs, raccoons, insects and wild vegetables are flourishing in the region as well. These are all natural resources of the Sun Moon Lake region.
There are a pair of bronze dragon poles in the front hall and four pairs of dragon poles in the middle hall. Among them, the well and Buddha setting in the main hall are highly appreciated. The temple has many Chinese poems, verses and lyrics on signs.

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