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No Chance To Repent

Sometimes when I tell Jesus how much I Love Him I think I can feel The Holy Spirit but then this always seems temporary. I can’t even get out of my house most of the time. Perhaps someone can answer this; God Bless you Always. Realize what is has done to you and despise it.
They have been baptized, they have been taught their duty, they have been taught to pray, they know their Creed, their conscience has been enlightened, they have opportunity to come to Church. This is their birthright, the privileges of their birth of water and of the Spirit; but they sell it, as Esau did. They are tempted by Satan with some bribe of this world, and they give up their birthright in exchange for what is sure to perish, and to make them perish with it. Esau was tempted by the mess of pottage which he saw in Jacob’s hands. Satan arrested the eyes of his lust, and he gazed on the pottage, as Eve gazed on the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve sold their birthright for the fruit of a tree—that was their bargain.

I feel like I am here on earth physically, but that my spirit died 1.5 years ago. I have no zeal for life, but am not eager for death. My family continues to tell me that I just need to call upon the Lord and He will hear me. They do not understand my utter hopelessness and why I can’t just turn back to God, especially since I was raised in church and appeared to be walking with God. I know that I am lost and I know that I need Jesus, but can not rid myself of this belief that I am no longer able to repent and that though I professed a love for God and others it was hypocrisy. I am a bit saddened by how quickly people accept the analysis give-is it because they believe in sinning with the knowledge that they can still seek repentance which will be accepted.
Note that Esau couldn’t find it – the fault was in him, not God. This is clearly understood by taking this verse in the context of all of scripture which clearly says that God have I committed the unpardonable sin does not prevent but, rather, encourages repentance. Esau said to his father, « Do you have only one blessing, my father? Bless me too, O my father! » Then Esau wept aloud.

As firstborn Esau had special status consisting of this birthright which was linked to God’s glorious plan of redemption. It was through Abraham’s descendants that the Savior, Jesus, would come. Esau despised this birthright though and carelessly dismissed it just because he was hungry. He traded involvement in God’s eternal plan of redemption for a single bowl of stew. His fleeting, momentary desires led him to despise the eternal plan of his Creator.
Though he sought it — The blessing of the birth-right. For he found no place for repentance — There was no room for any such repentance as would regain what he had lost. The “blessing” here referred to was not that of the birth-right, which he knew he could not regain, but that pronounced by the father Isaac on him whom he regarded as his first-born son. This Jacob obtained by fraud, when Isaac really “meant” to bestow it on Esau. The sanction of the father, it seems, was necessary, before it could be made sure, and Rebecca and Jacob understood that the dying blessing of the aged patriarch would establish it all. It was obtained by dishonesty on the part of Jacob; but so far as Esau was concerned, it was an act of righteous retribution for the little regard he had shown for the honor of his birth.
I believe that in this life, a person can pass the place of repentance and never be able to get back. I want to urge you to consider this, for it is a very solemn thought. Just think about that picture for a moment. I’ve wasted everything my father gave me. I’m going to turn around, I’m going to go back to my father and say I’m sorry.” He turned and went.

the truth flashed upon him; he uttered a great and bitter cry, when it was too late. It would have been well, had he uttered it before he came for the blessing, not after it. He repented when it was too late—it had been well if he had repented in time. So I say of persons who have in any way sinned. It is good for them not to forget that they have sinned.
For you have knowledge that even long after, when he was desiring the blessing for his heritage, he was turned away, though he made his request frequently and with weeping; because the past might not be changed. Esau was born very early in this story of redemption. Esau was the firstborn son of Abraham’s son, Isaac.
I did not see anything resembling genuine repentance for sin in his story. I’ve often heard that if you’re worried you’ve committed the unpardonable sin, if you even care at all that you’re beyond repentance, then you haven’t committed this sin. « no place of repentance » has to do with grounds for changing his father’s mind. Does this refer to Esau as being incapable of repentance or that his father Isaac could not revoke what he had bestowed upon Jacob. And that is the lesson, my brethren, which this text as it stands is intended to teach us. We are pointed hack to that tragic picture of Esau there, weeping, wringing his hands in the wild passion of his uncultured nature, when the blessing, seen to be desirable too late, had vanished from his convulsive grasp.

I cry out for Him to do that, but I keep failing on my part. I’m curious– are you able to function basically or do you battle severe depression to the point that you feel dysfunctional? Do you have a hard time reading Scripture and going to church?
In the case of Esau, emptiness, blindness, obtuseness, stubbornness with respect to spiritual things. In the case of Jacob, oh there was the crookedness in the scheming and the conniving, but nevertheless, there was the fundamental commitment. Later on, he had a retinue of 400 warriors who served him, so he became a wealthy, influential man. It was, however, the thing that made the person who possessed the birthright, the priestly head of his family.

As soon as Isaac had finished blessing him and Jacob had left his father’s presence, his brother Esau returned from the hunt. You know that afterwards, when he wanted to receive the blessing that the firstborn son was to receive, he was rejected. Even though he begged and cried for the blessing, he couldn’t do anything to change what had happened. But there was nothing he could do to change things, even though he begged his father and cried. The author of Hebrews is referring to the consequences of our sin—not salvation.

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