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Christian Short Film

It was this same mentality that led him to become a lawyer, studying at the American College of Law. He didn’t want to practice law, though; he wanted to put his education into practice as a musician. When he turned 18, his parents gave him an MPC-2000 beat machine and he started sampling music.
His credits including the “Changeling Prince” in Max Reinhardt’s 1935 screen adaption ofA Midsummer Night’s Dream. Starring opposite James Cagney and Mickey Rooney, this would be the first and last time Anger would work within the Hollywood studio system. “I was a child prodigy who never got any smarter,” Anger would later say. Prior to its filming, Rising’sdirector, Kenneth Anger, had just returned to the US from France. While Anger had already made a handful of self-financed films that were respected amongst the avant-grade film community, he was not a bankable commodity. His prestige in the independent film world did not translate to financial stability within the Hollywood studio system, prompting here to relocate to Paris – a place where Anger felt his films had a better chance of success.

Each filmmaker explained that their process began with an earnest pursuit of evangelism, and an honest evaluation of the Holy Spirit’s guidance on their project. In other words, at some point in each of our lives, we’ve all been the dark character in the hoodie. We’ve all sabotaged, ruined, or literally ended someone’s life. But just like the story of Exodus, the story of each of our lives is not meant to point to how evil we are. Our lives are meant to point to Jesus Christ, and God’s deliverance from the evil in our lives.
A journalist gets an interview with a man claiming to be God, and his faith and views on religion are forever changed. When a promising future lies ahead for a college baseball player but then everything falls apart—from a death in the family to legal troubles and more—he learns that faith will lead you home. A reporter investigates a good Samaritan who’s leaving bags of money for people all around New York.

A newly married couple are hit with a potentially life-threatening condition that doctors claim requires the termination of the wife’s pregnancy. Even as the wife’s health deteriorates frighteningly quickly, they trust God for their choice to keep the baby, standing firm in their belief that their baby’s life is a gift from Heaven. It’s A Life Worth LivingA man struggling with his life and his origins comes to discover his value comes from God and in Him life is worth living. Anthony Mendoza, an inner-city drug dealer on the run, joins the Army, only to clash with Chris Wright, a hard-headed Christian determined to share his faith despite persecution. Here, you’ll find bits of our life, recent work, and bits of knowledge that we hope enriches your life and marriage.
Shadow and Act is a website dedicated to cinema, television and web content of Africa and its global Diaspora. With daily news, interviews, in-depth investigations into the audiovisual industry, and more, Shadow and Act promotes content created by and about people of African descent throughout the world. He’s also produced digital content for brands such as Club Monaco, overcoming fear Samsung, 1800 Tequila, and Revlon. We are performing several upgrades to our production infrastructure tonight from 11pm – 3am EDT, so you may experience delays or a brief outage during that time. Join the Jesus Film Project’s email newsletter to see how the story of Jesus changes everything. Creation surely will inspire you with this visually powerful video.

It’s been a powerful show to work on by calling out the racially-biased, failed systems currently in place and how to go about executing those changes. Also my partner, Ryan Beckwith, composed the music for this series. He was on one side of the house composing in the studio and I was in the other side of the home editing.
Attempting the complex and complicated is a great goal. But if you set a goal like that and fail it could destroy your confidence. Remember too that some of the world’s best ideas are the simplest. What are the types of incidents that could change your normal day or your life? Do you remember what happens if you don’t immediately write those great thoughts down? Make a habit of shoving a notebook in your pocket so the next time you have a great idea, you can simply write it down.
His most recent, “SCION” , is a supernatural thriller about knowing your identity in Christ. The film’s tagline is, “When knowing who you are, means running for your life.” “SCION” is slated for release early next year. No one has asked me what cameras I shot with, what glass I used, or why. In fact, if I hadn’t asked at the most recent festival I’d attended, I wouldn’t have learned the budget of each project, which I think is a pretty insightful bit of information to know about films if you’re going to critique them.

To check out the full list of winners for the 2021 awards, see below. How to Be at Home is one of four National Film Board shorts selected for official competition at the 2021 Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France, taking place June 14 to 19. D-Nice secured his place in music history as a member of Boogie Down Productions, the venerable hip-hop group featuring mentor Scott La Rock and KRS-One.
May those preordained by God return into His presence. With nightly opportunities to showcase attendees’ current projects, the conference culminates in the Crown Awards ceremony, honoring filmmakers in 17 categories and creating exposure for their work. is the very first production ever made by Three Wheel Entertainment. Shot with nothing but an iPhone and basic household items, John and his co-founder Abraham first stepped foot into their film career with this no-budget silent film. For the sake of authenticity, the film, which was produced in 2016, used an almost entirely Kenyan cast and production team. Watu Wote has already received more than 60awards worldwide, including the Gold Student Academy Award, the Oscar for film students.

After the Covid pandemic caused Nilsson to lose funding for his debut feature, Westhampton, he and Tabach decided to use what little resources they had and create a movie anyway. Then, they used a distribution technique called « Four Walling, » where the filmmakers rent a movie house for a flat fee and keep any ticket sales for themselves. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. I think that in the nature of the ambiguity that you load into it, the interpretations that people take away are almost the best compliment.
When you enter your film into a film festival, you have no idea what the judges are looking for. I’m not going to name the film festival, since I don’t know if everything I’ll say is glowing, but with very, very nominal research, you could determine which one it was. I’ve been lustful, self-righteous, jealous, a gossip, desired evil for others, and willfully hurt people with my words and actions.

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