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Apex Legends

t is definitely a hit, been living at the top of Twitch since it came out. Just comes down to how long that lasts I suppose. Played my first game last night and our team won.
Man starting to have tons of people just drop out of the game off the drop in. Other Battle Royale games don’t take inventory slots for ammo so you use weapons with alternative ammo to increase your max ammo. i downloaded this game yesterday Apex Legends lfg as everyone says its good. Well i played a few rounds, it is ok, not really familiar with the buttons yet and died often because i can’t find enemy. All I want for this game is new maps, and better profiles with the total number of wins.

Realm Royale did class based BR ages ago, Battleborn introduced party members being able to bring back other players after they died. Could also use it as a good incentive to increase confrontation / avoid the hide to win strategy that can plague BR games. Installed this morning, had a few games, 4th game with randoms and got a win. Felt like a polished game straight off the bat which is super rare these days! For me feels heaps better than ROE, ION and Blackout etc. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale shooter available on PC , PS4 and Xbox One.
This is done by exploring the online world and talking with other players within the chat feature. Similar to any online multiplayer game, there is little control over the types of people or age limits of those playing the game. You do have the ability to delete friends by clicking on the friends menu, and the selecting the profile of the “friend” you want to “de-friend”. Form here you select “Unfriend” from their profile top right.

Clearly then it’s something Respawn is still thinking about, although with live service games there’s always something that needs working on. Even with the best of intentions, it’s possible that nothing will come of this particular avenue of interest. If nothing else, it’s evidence that crossplay at least hasn’t been discounted yet. I don’t expect people to be angels and I have no problems with blue language and to be perfectly honest most of the people who I have played Apex with either didn’t have Mics or were not using them.
to be fair I play tarkov as well and the netcode in that game really is garbage at the moment so maybe i’m just lashing out. I’m aware of the different aspects of a game that netcode issues can affect. My original comment was in response to the standard bandwagon approach that every game receives relating to netcode. There is a huge difference between a game with 10 people and 60 or 100.

On the other hand, if you make it too easy, other people being dicks in different ways then have their own way to ruin someones game. But make it too easy and you have 10 year old kids reporting you because you didn’t let them win. Or pro players being reported simply because they are so good, hence ‘must be cheating’. Plenty of Forknife vids showing those accusations happening regularly.
finally got the time to install this last night and holy shit there are so many things to take note of. Annoyingly i did something similar the next game, but im going to chalk that up to being tired and sick last night. Something i really need to work on with this game is the « oo piece of candy » approach to my looting. I cant say I have had this as yet but I can see those intense people out there where winning is everything. I mean I like to win but not at the expense of being a d!
Really loving the game, i like to play as the support classes like the medic or shield guy, i was getting carried a lot early on but i think i am doing pretty well now. Even though my kills per match are fairly low i am always re-healing guys and making sure they don’t die. Its competing with Blackout, because they are the exact same style. Its competing with Fortnite because they both f2p BR games. Its competing with PUBG because they are both BR games.

Game was played on the PC with 34 hours of total play time and 42% of the achievements unlocked. Apex Legends is likely to down as the surprise hit of 2019, coming out of nowhere to dominate the charts with its fresh take on a genre that had started to grow stale. Its improvements come in the form of making the genre more approachable to a wider audience, reducing complexity without taking away from the depth of the gameplay. When I first saw it I didn’t think it would have anything to offer me but here I am, some 34 hours deep in it with no signs of stopping playing anytime soon.
Ah, it’s Project Triangle Strategy from Square Enix! The game looks absolutely gorgeous and shows off a neat 2D-3D style as inOctopath Traveler. The next game is a mystery and features a dramatic scene in a dungeon with questions about ideals and morals. The latest game from Annapurna Interactive is a first person demon slayer set in Hell. It looks like a jazzyParadise Killerwith neat combat mechanics and great character design. In it, you’ll play as a Mii and interact with the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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