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Funeral Homes In Barcelona

Representatives of the Catalan school also attended the memorial ceremony that took place in Cologne’s cathedral 10 days ago. The mass was attended by relatives and close friends of 52 victims. Some 1,000 people, including relatives, friends, members of the authorities and rescue teams, attended the restricted event, which was broadcast live. Out of the 150 victims on the Germanwings plane, which was flying between Barcelona and Düsseldorf and was intentionally crashed in the Alps, 47 had Spanish nationality and 72 were German citizens. The ceremony in Barcelona was held in Catalan, Spanish, German, French, English, Greek and Italian. It was attended by the King of Spain, Felipe VI; his wife, Queen Letizia; the Spanish PM, Mariano Rajoy; the Catalan President, Artur Mas; and many other official representatives and government members, from both the Catalan and Spanish levels. The ceremony was also attended by the CEOs of Lufthansa and Germanwings, as well as by the ambassadors of all the countries that had citizens among the victims.
If you are an active expat who loves travelling or you would prefer your body to be repatriated back to your country of origin, you should pay close attention to the repatriation coverage. Most complete private health insurance policies and travel insurance policies cover repatriation back to the country of residency, i.e. International health insurance plans should cover repatriation to the country of origin as well. When setting up burial insurance or a prepaid funeral plan, most of the time it is possible to add your country of origin to the repatriation coverage, if that is your wish, or even set up a separate policy solely to cover the repatriation.

The British Consulate does not require that you register the death of a British national that occurs overseas. The Spanish funeral director will arrange for the registration of the death with the local Spanish civil registry, which will issue a death certificate. Most civil registry offices in Spain will also be able to provide an international multilingual version of the death certificate, which is accepted by the UK government as legal proof of death. There are fears that the funeral will have made infection rates in the country – already among the highest in Europe – even worse. The news came as France reported 46,290 cases in 24 hours, compared to 35,641 the previous day. Another 231 people died over the same period, bringing the total to 37,019.
The situation remains unchanged for the funeral sector but the colours of the regions are changing like traffic lights. A general downgrade last weekend, resulted in too many gatherings due to the Christmas shopping. There is concrete possibility many regions will revert to red soon again. We are still seeing higher numbers of positives, hospitalizations and covid deaths. Recent partial lockdown did not result in the effects that the government was hoping to achieve.

She was very selfless, always thinking of others before herself. She was very generous with her time, talents, and treasures, always ready to help when and where she was needed. She dedicated her life in building up and doing for others, especially for her mother and her daughter, Jamie. Velia enjoyed going to social functions, dancing and just hanging out with family and friends. She was always so joyful, laughing and made it so much fun for all those around her. Velia had strong work ethics as she believed that nothing would be handed to her, she knew she had to go out and work hard for everything she wanted.
Without a Last Will and Testament, you allow the Spanish government to apply Spanish law to all your assets in Spain. A will in Spain can be, and is suggested to be, a complementary will to the ones you may have in other countries.
Mourners at this cemetery get just seven minutes for funerals, as funeral homes have been overwhelmed with victims of the coronavirus in recent weeks. The services are drive-thru, and no more than three people may attend. On Wednesday evening health authorities in Catalonia released for the first time the number of virus deaths reported by funeral homes. The museum’s collection consists of 13 original carriages which are all distinct in appearance and use. The ‘Spider’, as it was known locally at the time, was the carriage most frequently used for funeral services in the city, carrying the working classes and local tradesman to their final resting place.

About another 25 cases are reported to have been confirmed in the Basque country. A similar overflow of COVID-19 victims in Madrid led to city officials temporarily converting an ice rink into a morgue.
In addition to the hearses themselves, used to carry the coffin, there are also a number of carriages used by members of the grieving family to make their way to the ceremony and accompany their deceased. One of the most striking carriages of this kind is the ‘Black Widow’, a sombre carriage covered entirely in black which was exclusively used to transport grieving widows. Interestingly, many of these accompanying vehicles were also used for other purposes within the municipality and so needed to be able to take on a less morbid appearance when necessary. List of English-speaking funeral directors for British nationals abroad in Spain.

Altima emphasizes its minimalistic design, kept in an aluminium case conceived in a fabulous modern way compared to a traditional urn, as well as the incorporation of the latest technology, which makes Omneo a safe bet for the funeral industry. The death toll from the virus in Spain currently stands at 10, while 30 people have been given the all-clear after recovering from the disease. Police have been deployed to lock down entire blocks of a neighbourhood in Haro, a small town in northern Spain, after dozens of cases of coronavirus were traced back to a funeral held in the nearby Basque country two weeks ago. Barcelona and the surrounding Catalonia region are only second to Madrid in virus deaths and infections for Spain. Catalonia has confirmed nearly 6,000 deaths and more than 54,000 infections from the virus. More than 3,200 victims of COVID-19 passed through the temporary morgue in 53 days of use, the funeral home said.
The first cemetery outside the city walls was built in Poblenou, a half hour walk to the north of the city, and therefore required the use of vehicles to transport the deceased to their burial spot. Competing with the likes of the Sagrada Família and the Gothic Cathedral, the Funeral Carriage Museum is not one of Barcelona’s most famous or popular museums – but it is one of the city’s most unique and unusual. Open since the 1970s, the museum was founded by the then municipal funeral parlour manager Cristóbal Torra, as a way to preserve the funeral carriages of times past for future generations. Technological and cultural changes meant that many of the funeral carriages which had for years served the local community were obsolete, yet Torra sensed that these carriages should be preserved for posterity.
By-laws for cemeteries and funeral services will also be adapted to new family, religious and cultural circumstances. Portugal now encountering funerarias barcelona more challenges Oct/Nov than recent months. Twice as many deaths in November than during the first wave of the pandemic.

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