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Buy Australian Made Box Trailers

Mackay Trailers are a local company supplying Mackay and Queensland with the largest choice of trailers imaginable. We offer quality trailers that are fabricated by the best trailer factories in Australia, ensuring competitive prices to suit our local conditions. We have a large range of high quality, durable trailers for sale in the Sunshine Coast region. All trailers over 750kg have chassis that are constructed out of 50 x 50 x 3mm RHS internally coated Galvanized steel to provide a heavy duty durable chassis.
If you purchase a tandem trailer for sale from us, you are getting your trailer right from the manufacturer who saves you time, money and the hassle of dealing with a third party. If you are planning to use your trailer frequently and for long, heavy duty hauling, a tandem trailer may be the perfect fit for car trailers for sale qld you. When loaded properly, a tandem trailer will bounce and sway less while on the road. Tandem trailer axles have two axles placed close to each other to help to disperse the weight load of the cargo. Our selection of jerseys, knicks, shoes, and helmets has everything you need to wear out on your ride.
Do you want to learn more about heavy duty and tandem trailers? For enquiries regarding our products and how to purchase them, please visit our contact us page. Heavy-duty trailers can also be cage, box, flatbed, tradesman, and tabletop trailers. They can also be customised with a different sized axle, an added spare wheel, higher walls or mesh cage, and improved brakes.

The build quality of a heavy-duty trailer is often better compared to standard trailers. They are made for excessive use and should be your trailer of choice if you will be towing heavy loads frequently. On the other hand, single axle trailers are more affordable, both in their purchase price and maintenance costs. They also have less of an impact on your fuel consumption. Since they are lighter, your truck will need less energy to pull it. have 13” sides with smooth floor, smooth guards with gussets, four leaf springs and two side tie rails. Drawbar is extended right back to the spring hangers for extra support and the trailers have full length chassis and full width cross member and a spare wheel bracket.
Whether you are in the middle of moving house or you need to transport a large amount of goods, Stonegate Trailers have the trailer for you to meet your needs. As you are looking at this page it is possible that you are looking to purchase an axle for your caravan or trailer and are researching what axle is going to best suit your needs. Then you should certainly consider fitting one of the range of the tried and proven » Simplicity Axle Systems « .

Galvanised coating life expectancy is not only long but very reliable . Trailer Supplies proud to be Australia’s leading supplier of the best range of car trailers. You need to estimate the maximum load weight so we can determine the appropriate suspension, chassis and braking system required for your car trailer. All our trailers are manufactured in Queensland using only quality materials – and customised trailers can usually be completed within one week. Our custom built trailers are perfect for customers who need extra storage or security features, such as slide out drawers and false floors. 10×6 Australian Made Premium Heavy Duty Dual Axle Trailers!!! COME IN TODAY & BUY A TANDEM TRAILER FOR AS LITTLE AS $34.86/WEEK ON OUR BUY NOW PAY LATER PAYMENT PLAN OR A DISCOUNTED FACTORY PRICE OF $3395 on eftpos,eft or cash payment.
Tandem-axle trailers absorb more shock, so they produces less bounce, which keeps your cargo more secure. The second axle also makes the trailer more stable, durable and strong. The Hydraulic tipper Heavy duty Trailers is built upon a dual axle, heavy duty chassis designed to reinforce your lifestyle. From work to play, this trailer, with customisable chassis and optional add-ons will be your trailer of choice. The Premium Heavy Duty Tandem is built upon a dual axle, heavy duty chassis designed to reinforce your lifestyle. If you want to learn more about our custom tandem trailers, give us a call or shoot us an inquiry today to get started.
Oz Wide Trailers have robust hot-dip galvanized tandem trailers available throughout Australia. Winner of the 2019 Camper Trailer of the Year, Bluewater Campers are dedicated to producing high-quality off-road camper trailers. Bluewater campers use premium Australian components backed by extensive warranties and exceptional customer service. The creators and manufacturers of a trailer design specifically to suit motoring enthusiasts, motorhome travel and car towing applications. The Tilta Trailer is manufactured in Queensland Australia, 45 minutes drive north from Brisbane and ship Australia Wide. The Tilta Trailers are available in standard single axle andtandem axle models. There are also a great range of trailer accessories to suit any of your towing needs.

Rugged chassis and draw bar sized to suit capacity of trailer. Visit our individual trailer type pages to see some of the optional extras and upgrade available for each trailer type includingbox trailers, cage trailers, car trailers, enclosed trailers and tradesman trailers categories.
Purchase your car trailer directly from the manufacturer and save. Trailer Sales Brisbane is a distributor of high quality imported galvanized box trailers in the Redlands. offering a fully customizable range to suit any towing needs. If you require stability and exceptional workmanship, look no further than the range of tandem trailers for sale from Oz Wide. We are committed to quality, ensuring everything we sell is designed to the highest safety standards and built for durability with exceptional workmanship and materials. Here at Trailer Supplies, we are the business preferred by both companies and individuals in Australia because of the high quality craftmanship displayed by all our trailers.

Our box trailers for sale in Brisbane are designed with the sole purpose of serving as the definite solution for all your transportation issues. Here at Trailer Supplies we have the most competitive prices for all our box trailers for sale in Brisbane, to make sure our options are within your budget range. Our unmatched customer service team will be ready to assist you with any enquiries you may have about our top quality box trailers for sale in Brisbane.

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