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Taichung Gift Shop│Eat Your Way Through Taichung, Taiwan!

In addition to the traditional mochi and Hualien sweet potato cake, there are also a good many other rising stars to satisfy the discerning taste buds of travelers. Hualien City is a renowned tourist city, with hotels abound in the urban districts, and there is no lack of major international tourist hotels. Additionally, there are also many certified guest house establishments with distinctive features, 臺東伴手禮 providing travelers with a comfortable and leisurely accommodation environment. The Taiwanese High Speed Rail is now in operation, and as it runs up to 300 kph, travel time to both Taipei and Kaohsiung is now as short as 45 minutes. Comfortable and clean room, located close to the most famous night market of Taichung. This is a great place to experience Taiwan’s Aboriginal food in the City.
Don’t skip the various shops on the square in the back of the park. The white design shop sells very cute souvenirs. If you didn’t try Taiwan’s original bubble tea at the Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House on a previous day, this mall also has an outlet, albeit a less atmospheric one. Grab lunch and a coffee at one of the many hip cafes in the small streets surrounding the mall.

On May 25, 1902, some 360 rebels and their families accepted invitations to surrender and receive amnesty and rewards. Instead of receiving amnesty, once inside, the Japanese locked the doors and slaughtered the former rebels. As a consequence, the Qing Dynasty was forced to cede Taiwan to the Japanese under Treaty of Shimonoseki. The Japanese changed the name of the city from Dadun to Taichū (台中), and began to develop the city, setting out to make it the first “modern” area of Taiwan. All was not peaceful for Qing authorities in central Taiwan. North of the city, at the Dajia River, an aboriginal revolt broke out in 1731 after Chinese officials moved in and compelled them to provide labor.
To get here, you can take buses 31, 33 or 105 as lonely planet suggests, but these will take you a long time to get there. An easier option would be to get a taxi or other city bus to the intersection of Rehe Road and WenXin Road, then walk the three blocks North. The old north gate, one of the few Liu-era structures to survive the Japanese reconstruction of the city, was moved to the new park. To this day, Taichung Park is one of the most popular places in the city for people to relax.
As with most seafood vendors, you buy by weight. Under a green awning at the corner of 向上北路 and 華美路 there is a restaurant with no name. They have a red sign with white letters that gives the names and prices of the food. One good thing to try here is 魯肉飯 which is soy sauce-marinated ground pork over rice. On Huamei Road about 25m form Xianshang Road, there is a small restaurant that sells 4 things – 肉燥飯 is 20 NT, 魷魚肉羹麵/飯/米粉/冬粉 (Youyu Rou Geng Mian/ Fan/ Mi Fen/ Dong Fen) is 30 NT. This is a kind of thick soup served over your choice of different types of noodles or rice.

Hong Kong Story is located at 116 Yizhong Street. The sign is black with golden letters that say 香港故事.
There are a few small painted buildings, plenty of places to buy tat, and that’s it. 10 minutes is loads of time here and not worth going out of the way for. country and city have undergone, Rainbow Village reflects part of those changes. Buildings have funky designs, forms and colors. Then also had cutouts based on the forms you could place your face through and take pictures. Not too large of an area but interesting nonetheless.

Chun Shui Tang has since grown into a nationwide chain. They have multiple branches in Taichung alone, but the one I marked in the map above is the original store. They’re also known for their dimsum but they’re perhaps still most famous for their bubble tea. I got the big one and every drop of it was glorious. But did you know that this fun and refreshing milk tea drink was invented right here in Taichung? Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House is believed to be the inventor of bubble tea. I read that the owner, Mr. Liu Han-Chieh, had the idea of serving Chinese tea cold after a trip to Japan in the early 1980s and seeing coffee served in the same way.
The nearby Luchuan (綠川親水步道) near Taichung Train Station has been similarly developed. Taichung Folklore Park, This park is dedicated to presenting a more traditional Taiwanese way of life. It includes a combination of authentic and recreated buildings and streets in an attempt to recreate a more rustic Taiwan. It is small, but well worth the visit at 50 NT and the lack of these kinds of buildings anywhere else in Taichung.
Third Market runs for about one block on Heping Road and for a couple of blocks in either direction where Heping Road intersects with Minyi Street. The area has a covering of colorful plastic streamers stretched between the buildings over the streets.

My « boyfriend, » desperate to tie the knot, asked for her hand in marriage. This surprising development did not affect me much. What we had was nothing more than « puppy love. » Souvenirs, such as umbrellas and prints, are sold in the village shop.
The first market in Taichū was built in 1908 along JiGuang Road between ZhongZheng and ChengGong Roads. It is still used today, and is a popular spot to purchase food and other items in downtown Taichung. Taichung Middle School was founded in 1913 by Lin Hsien-tang and his brother Lin Lie-tang, two wealthy Taiwanese intellectuals of the era. This was done in an effort to teach children the traditional culture of Taiwan and to foster a sense of local pride.
Alternatively, if you have time to spare, you may place an online order through their website and have it delivered to your hotel at a fee. Do note that it will take at least 4 days for the order to be processed, or even longer if it’s near festive seasons. Pork paper is a wonderful combination of pork, apple, almonds, soy sauce and sugar and you won’t be able to imagine its taste and texture until you actually EAT it. These snappy goodies have no MSG added and once you start, you’ll be crunching up the entire packet in no time.

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