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Digital Menu Board

From grocery stores and your local movie theater to fast casual and quick service restaurants —businesses are embracing digital menu boards as an easy, low-cost way to keep content fresh. Intel® technologies power the ultrahigh-definition graphics and video that let you go beyond menus to deliver rich promotional messages and on-brand entertainment. Taking digital menu boards outdoors has created an efficient drive-thru process for quick service restaurants.
Innovative Media Group provides comprehensive digital signage solutions for restaurants, take-aways and cafes. We cover all your needs from digital display design, food photography and media production to installation as well as on-going supports. With our exclusive restaurant signage solution packages you can easily get your signage running. Commercial Digital Signage & Content Display Technology is transforming the way businesses engage with their employees and customers. It has already changed the way Schools, Colleges and Universities communicate and engage with staff and students.

We specialise in digital menu boards, retail in store analytics, digital advertising screens & interactive digital signage. We service all of Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.
Many cafes or fast food outlets use digital menu boards in prominent places behind the counter. A spot that in previous times, was occupied by printed or chalkboard menus. Every day, more food and service industry establishments are replacing their traditional marketing posters with digital signage displays. Using them as digital menu boards and LCD signage screens to show the list of services offered, specials available, or upcoming promotions.
We only use quality brands and the latest software to ensure our clients avoid headaches when installing digital menu boards or display screens. Digital signs are becoming standard tools in many industries and are recommended by most retail sales agencies. From coffeehouses and C-stores to breweries and salons, Mood Digital Menu Boards are a flawless fit in any store-front business. Choose from a range of generic or custom templates with multi-zone layouts to educate your customers and promote your products on the same screen. With packages available for one to five menu board screens, Mood can provide a versatile and eye-catching signage solution that’s right for you.

Not only is Dominos the best provider of pizza in Australia, they pride themselves on their innovation in the digital technology space. Mandoe has helped Dominos build their in-store customer experience, with digital menu boards, Instant App, Free Wi-Fi and In-Store Music. Through integration into 3rd party Electronic Point of Sale Systems, the digital signage platform can be used to deliver dynamic digital menu boards. Engage your customers and increase sales conversions with the world’s leading platform for digital signage and menu boards. Specials of the day, seasonal menu boards, event posters plastered around the venue – they’re all tried and tested ways of communicating with customers.
That’s why Subway approached our partner Entwined to produce digital menu boards to replace their static signage. Entwined brought our team on board for all content design and dynamic development. With digital menu boards, the unique expectations from both the customer and store owner are met, including print cost savings, improved customer experience and reduced perceived wait times of 15%.

Price of restaurant signage depends on the number and size of displays, type of displays (whether it is normal or high brightness with sun-readability), food photography session and media production. For more information about this solution package and request a free consulting and quote contact us. Restaurants, Take-away and Café shops are the ideal candidates for digital displays. If you are in a popular destination or a shopping centre with great foot traffic, a digital signage behind the window or on the wall could be a perfect invitation to the passerby. Digital signage completely change the view of the restaurant and making it more welcoming and foods more tempting to customers.
This helps ensure visual consistency and compliance with brand standards and regulations on nutritional information. With a digital menu board, guests can clearly see items, pricing, and nutrition information.
If you intend to butt the screens next to one another, consider using a mounting rail versus individual mounts. You’ll want to make sure that the rail mounting system you utilize is adjustable to account for these imperfections.

Domino’s digital strategy began in 2015 when it called on digital media solutions company Mandoe to install digital menu boards and advertising in store, replacing its long-term, traditional printed signage. Advertise Me was engaged to provide a digital signage menu boad solution for Fusion Berry. Fusion Berry wanted to display their menu board using the latest technology – Digital Menu Boards. We provided the client with 3 Commercial Grade screens that allowed the store manager to easily update the content via USB.
Use it to control one screen, or a thousand, from anywhere in the world. Screenfluence offers the reliability, scalability and support needed to power even the most expansive digital signage network. Streamline your digital signage management with Screenfluences cloud-based system, with complete control over your displays and user permissions.
By managing the displays through your POS system, changes to the menu can be simple, quick, and precise, all without the added labor costs and complexities of changing them manually. High screen brightness in ambient lighting – In restaurants with lots of windows, ambient light can become an issue and glare can make an area of the menu unreadable. Choosing a screen, or trusting your digital signage provider to choose a screen with high brightness can make a huge difference when it comes to the quality of your menu board. Direct sunlight during sunset is commonly an issue for locations with southern exposure. Another way to combat this issue is with bright and colorful content. Our restaurant signage package cover all you need to get your digital signage up and running. However, if you have a digital display installed or have photos or advertising media from other advertising campaign, you have option of using an specific part of our package.

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