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Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Whatever works for you – country, rock, classical, pop, spoken word, or anything else - Radio Garden can deliver, and there are plenty of other sites like it. Sometimes the burble of a talk show or news segment is as effective as music, but choose your own adventure.
Twitch, the live-streaming titan, is notoriously picky about licensed music being reproduced on their platform, and when Celsius Lofi hip hop remix first set out to start his own station on the platform, he found himself quickly ousted after a Terms of Service violation.

The sound replicates nostalgia by design, and the pops and cracks of vinyl distortion and quality are as intentional as the odd vocal loop or carefully curated BoJack Horseman sample With listeners finding themselves in an increasingly noisy world for political reasons amongst others , they’re finding comfort and consolation in a genre built on channeling the old.
However College Music noticed a growing trend of its live viewers using the YouTube chat box to talk about how stressed they are, or how depressed they’re feeling, or – in a small number of the most extreme cases – how they’re experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Fans of Chillhop’s specific livestreams can tune into a separate livestream — one without the popular anime girl — for the time being. When asked about her music goals, Rosé wants people to feel connected to her in the same way she feels connected to artists that inspire her.
I usually listen to lo-fi when I’m studying for a big test and need something to play in the background that’s not as distracting as music that’s on the Billboard Hot 100 today,” said Janet Chen ’20. Creators are seeing their subscriber counts grow daily, and views on videos are 20 to 30 percent higher than usual.

Mxmtoon—here’s a YouTube video on how to pronounce that—has been making music since she was a kid. Think about who you are trying to attract to your videos and think about why they want to use your beats. Genius had not previously reached out to Chillhop Music for comment.
They are all the visual accompaniment to mixes – some are livestreams, some are hourlong mixes, but they play a similar blend of genres. I suffered many anxiety attacks, and discovered vaporwave and lo-fi hip hop, which helped to distract me,” says Gonzalez.

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