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What Is Ayurvedic Medicine?

The subject is too vast that I am forced to confine myself to a few traditional treatments special to Kerala. Needless to say Ayurvedic Panchakarma helps a drug addict to recover from it, by cleaning the body’s deep tissues of toxins, opening the subtle channels, bringing life-enhancing energy thereby increasing vitality, inner peace, confidence and well-being.
Panchakarma will remove the excess doshas and correct imbalances in them as well as eliminate the harmful ama out of your system through panchakarma treatment the body’s own organs and channels of elimination (colon, sweat glands, lungs, bladder, urinary tract, stomach, intestines, etc).

Like all medical procedures, Panchakarma Therapy always must begin with an initial consultation by a qualified Ayurvedic Physician who can determine the individual’s prakriti (constitutional type), the nature of the health problem (if any), and the appropriate degree of intensity of the prescribed therapies.
Susrutha who initiated surgery gives importance to blood-letting also as one of the panchakarma treatments. The Osho World and Ayush Therapy center in Delhi are a few places which provide Ayurvedic treatments based on the essential bio-energies of the body. Kapha or kapha dominant diseases like psoriasis, urticaria, bronchial asthma, mental disorders etc can be effectively treated by vamanm treatments.

One of the more famous treatments is the Panchakarma treatment. These panchakarma treatments help the body to release and eliminate toxins completely and to rebalance the doshas that have gone out of balance due to the accumulation of toxins and metabolic wastes.
They undergo internship and study the Ayurvedic parallels in medical treatment alongside the study of anatomy, physiology, internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry, toxicology, and more. Dhara or medicated oil massage for head is beneficial in pacifying mind and reducing blood pressure.
It conditions the skin while releasing stagnant lymphatic toxins from the body. When a treatment is going on, the Ayurvedic physician will stress on the importance of the diet the person consumes. To correct the imbalances in the triDoshas and detoxify the body, Panchakarma is very useful.

Panchakarma is a group of 5 treatments- vamana, virechana, snehavasti, kashayavasti and nasya – of which all are not commonly practiced for all diseases. Pancha Karma is a cleansing therapy based on Ayurvedic Medicine. Respiratory diseases in Ayurveda are considered to be a result of the vitiated doshas.

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