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The Ideal Quarantine Anthem To Beat Isolation

Looks like Idris Elba has found a way to cope with his self-isolation due to him being infected with COVID-19, better known as Corona Virus Earlier this week, he announced that he was tested positive for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus. Take, for example, this « corona virus intensifies » playlist put together by user chrislax123, which bounces from optimistic tracks like Taylor Swift’s « Shake It Off » and Ed Sheeran’s « I Don’t Care » to songs that hint at darker and more conflicted emotions, like « Stressed Out » by Twenty One Pilots and « The Age of Worry » by John Mayer.
According to Rolling Stone magazine, New songs — those released within the past eight weeks — dropped 14.5 percent, which is about twice the drop-off for catalog songs, released 18 months ago or earlier.” Rolling Stone also a reported a sharper decrease in streams for the most popular music, with the top 500 songs getting almost 13% fewer streams last week than the top 500 songs received in the week prior.

The show wasn’t over until Lanez hosted a quarantine twerk contest, playing twerk anthems like City Girls’  » Act Up , » and Choppa’s  » Choppa Style » Women who didn’t want to twerk had to show their other talents, unlike one unlucky woman who was kicked off Live for apparently having no talent.
In winning, Lose Yourself beat out songs by Paul Simon and U2 At the time this was a pretty bold move for the Academy Awards who usually went for tamer choices like Sting or Elton John Barbara Streisand announced the award and co-producer Luis Resto accepted it. When the winner was announced, Eminem was actually at home, asleep with his daughter.

Rapper Chris Brown uploaded an audio file to his Instagram Story – that’s been debunked -suggesting that the US will soon enter a mandatory month-long quarantine period (within two weeks, according to the audio). Jenny Trev created the Coronavirus Hand Washing Playlist ” to help people wash their hands according to health authority advice.
As the lyrics kick in, Wilson drops the book and raps along to the song in its entirety. Atomic Tom – Someone To Love The song playing with Josh and Sam go back to his house to hang out. Chris Martin began the At Home Together series where he performed live on Instagram before his fans who tuned in from around the world.

He now gets a constant stream of supportive messages from people all over the world, and some fans have been so caught up in his « Fully Sick Rapper » alter-ego that they send him photos of themselves acting out scenes from his videos. As the global coronavirus pandemic worsens , so has the spread of misinformation, fake news, and outright hoaxes about how to stay safe and what’s going to happen during periods of quarantine and social distancing.
Bored in the House by Curtis Roach is an upbeat rap song and it is perfect to beat quarantine and self isolation blues. The Florida rapper posted-and-deleted an Instagram post, in which he jokingly wished that the virus’ effects on the entertainment industry would last until he gets out of prison.
We selected 15 rap songs that represent some of the best sounds that 2019 had to offer, while also foreshadowing what might come next in 2020. XXL compiles a list of rappers making the best of their time while on quasi-lockdown. Earlier, New Zealand spinner Ish Sodhi also came out with an innovative way to tell people to isolate themselves amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Brown has been posting about the coronavirus non-stop on Instagram, and a lot of his content is harmless memes. In an Instagram story he posted earlier this week, Drizzy revealed to some fans that he was kicking back and watching some movies. In a video shared by Twitter user @valemercurii , the streets of Siena are filled with song as people sing from their balconies.

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