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Aluminios Vigo Alpeba

The Minister of Development may agree with mandatory that all measures necessary to ensure the mooring on a specific Spanish port of a particular ship or group of ships, when attended accredited reasons of defense, public order or adopted any other cause of public interest so requires, without prejudice to the powers of the director General of the Merchant Navy, under paragraph 2 of Article 299.
4. In case of default of its obligations by the substitutes, especially in case of default rate, the Port Authority may require compliance to taxpayers taxpayers of paragraph 1. This is without prejudice to the responsibilities they have substitutes have incurred.

7. Particular requirements of the tender documents will not contain technical requirements for the provision of services unreasonably impair the conditions of competition or any other clause whereby, in practice, the impossibility of a sufficient number of market operators attend.
B) Conduct deliberately pollution of the marine environment by ships sinking or destruction of fixed platforms or other structures are located in areas in waters where Spain exercises sovereignty, sovereign rights or jurisdiction, the same exceptions listed in the preceding paragraph.

1. The Port Authority must approve the tender documents requirements Specific port services, heard the Committee on Port Services, and after hearing the most representative and representative trade unions of the service and associations of operators and users most representative whose goals saved directly related to the purpose of the specification.
B) Revocation for loss or breach of the requirements under Article 109.2 of the conditions of the authorization certificate or failure to adapt Ventanas a medida Vigo to the particular requirements of the service that have been modified in accordance with the provisions of the Article 117.2 of this law.

2. As part of the functions related to civil defense, the Ministry of Development, in coordination with the Defense study, plan, schedule, execute and inspect few aspects or actions relate to the provision of dependent resources department to national defense in the field of ports that depend on the General Administration of the State and the Merchant Marine.
2. Applications that are contrary to the provisions of the Strategic Plan, the Master Plan on the Delimitation of spaces and port uses, in the special plan, if any, or the current regulations, will not be accepted, being filed in the within two months without further ado that the hearing prior to the petitioner.

The Autonomous Communities, dependent or linked to these port authorities and concessionaires or authorization holders ports, harbors and port facilities should provide the corresponding Port Authority adequate information and provide accurate data for the settlement of this fee.
C) training, promotion of research and technological development in matters related to economics, management, logistics and port engineering and other related activity performed in ports as well as the development of systems measurement and operational techniques in oceanography and marine weather required for the design, operation and management of port areas and infrastructure.

F) Arbitrate in conflicts that may arise between the entities providing services, at their request, when extended beyond the geographical scope of a Port Authority and, where appropriate, between two port authorities by reason of services rendered in each or both.

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