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How To Buy The Best Timber And Tile Flooring

Want to get the latest flooring ideas from our team? Most good-quality laminate flooring comes with a stain-resistant top layer to prevent against marks and, in a game-changing move, Quick-Step Impressive Ultra , a water-resistant flooring that can be used in bathrooms (as well as other areas) thanks to its unique joint technology and HydroSeal coating.
Engineered timber flooring is the same as solid timber flooring in appearance, but is overall more cost-efficient, ecologically friendly, durable, stable, and with timber engineered flooring increased resistance to moisture and high temperatures. Hence these engineered boards are superior to solid oak flooring in both durability and stability.

For more information about choosing and buying the perfect new shutters for your home, check out our detailed Hardwood Floating Floors Buying Guide and Frequently Asked Questions , or get in touch with one of our dedicated specialists by calling 1300 502 427 or by dropping into your local Carpet Call store.
Engineered timber flooring and solid timber flooring are set apart by the fact that solid timber flooring is made up entirely of one type of timber and engineered flooring has a top layer of timber with the rest of it being composed of a cheaper material such as plywood.

The three-strip product has a standard board size of 190mm x 2200mm, with each strip of flooring having a width of approximately 65mm. Engineered timber floors would also be a great choice for a kitchen or dining space. This kind of engineered timber flooring Melbourne is created with 3-12 multiple ply layers that are layered on top of each other in various directions, glued and then pressed against each other.
The resulting product is a floor of stunning architectural appearance that increases stability and offers speedy installation. Overall we are very satisfied with the result and would not hesitate in recommending Ace Timber Floors to anyone. Australian Oak engineered hardwood flooring is made from a combination of regrowth and plantation hardwoods.
We offer the highest quality, beautifully engineers timber along with a range of innovations that ensure your floors last longer. Engineered Hardwood Floating flooring can be laid onto any hard level surface such as concrete, chipboard, tiles or existing timber flooring.

Our customers love our kitchen designs with timber floors. If tiling, then doing so on a concrete or screed floor is the simplest option, and therefore the cheapest form of tile installation. We offer consultation and design ideas that will help you choose what type of engineered floating floor will suit your needs and your lifestyle.
Floating floors became popular with do-it-yourselfers who liked the relative ease of floating floor installation. We have a wide range of engineered flooring available for domestic and commercial applications, including brands Big River and Embleton. As with bamboo, timber flooring is incredibly versatile, adding so much to the vibe of the surrounding space.

Engineered timber boards come in multiple thicknesses so if you want to sand your floors back you should look at a thickness that will allow this. At Floors of Distinction we offer a wide range of timber and engineered flooring styles across a range of colours to suit your budget and the Perth lifestyle.
Engineered wood flooring can be glued or stapled onto an existing subfloor, and floating engineered floors can simply be placed straight onto an already existing floor. The top oak wear layer is generally the same thickness as what is usable in a traditional solid board – so there is no loss in the wearability or lifetime of the board.

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