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Nasal Dilator In Cases Of Nasal Obstruction

The AIRMAX® Nasal Dilator for better sleep and better breathing is supplied by McKeon Products, Inc – a health care products provider for over 50 years. In this exploratory study, both the asymmetric butterfly prototype and the currently marketed BRNS clear strip significantly improved some subjective measures of nasal congestion and sleep compared with placebo in subjects with moderate to severe chronic nocturnal nasal congestion and sleep difficulties.
8. A nasal dilator as defined in claim 6; and resilient pad means operatively connected to each of said leg portions at said contact portions to provide the only contact of said leg portions with said inner surfaces of said nostril-walls to avoid discomfort for the wearer; and said flexible strip including at least one non-adhesive segment between said two end adhesive segments for enabling the wearer to install said UV-spring in said nasal openings without the wearer’s fingers contacting said end adhesive segments, and to position a large share of said two end adhesive segments for adhering to said outer surfaces above the nose-flange.

In 1999, Chinevere et al 26 compared the effects of different modes in the respiratory pattern in four healthy men and six women who were submitted to five maximum tests: treadmill breathing through the nose, nose + dilator, mouth, nose + mouth, and nose + mouth + dilator.
SLEEP IMPROVEMENT & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We stand behind our products and will always focus on your peace of the unlikely case the Comezy Anti nasal dilator Snoring Device haven’t obvious effect,just send it back for a replacement or a full questions asked!We glade to provide better service.

The treatments were based on normal breathing, use of an END (Respir+®; Kentia Diffusion; Boulogne, France), an internal nasal dilator (Nozovent; Prevancure; Ste Pouret, Paris, France), and 0.05% of nasal decongestant (tymazoline hydrochloride; Pernazene; Synthelabo; le Plessis-Robinson, France).
Thomas et al 13 stated in 1998 that such devices were first used in American football players, making up for the mouth guard the athletes had to use, which makes it difficult to breathe through the mouth and, consequently, makes nasal breathing even more important during exercise.
On the ad hoc analysis, in the overall ITT population, the butterfly prototype and BRNS clear strips produced significantly (P < 0.05) greater improvement from baseline to day 7 than the placebo strip for PIRS nighttime sleep parameters (LS mean changes − 2.03, − 2.11, and − 1.05, respectively) and quality of life (− 2.68, − 3.12, and − 1.26, respectively).

Abstract: A nasal spray delivery guide including a pair of guide elements spaced apart from one another and configured to be at least partially inserted into respective nostrils of a patient, and a flexible connector element attached to and extending between the guide elements.
Results showed that the BRNS strip significantly reduced daytime sleepiness on the Stanford Sleepiness Scale; improved self-reported ease of breathing, quality of sleep, sleepiness upon awakening, morning concentration, and number of awakenings; and improved partner reports of snoring loudness and movement.

With tables and figures helping analyze worldwide Global External Nasal Dilator market, this research provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.
The subject answered questions about the dry mouth feeling on a 1-5-scale (5 the driest) and answered a validated questionnaire about quality of sleep (Epworth Sleepiness Scale 53 ). These three instruments were administered immediately before and 2 weeks after the study started.

10. A nasal dilator as defined in claim 6; and said retaining means including a single flexible non-adhesive segment between said two end-adhesive segments and extending about equal distances from said connection of said strip with said spring at said central portion thereof; and clamping means including a clamp-piece to secure said non-adhesive segment between said UV-spring and said clamp-piece at said central portion of said UV-spring, for enabling the wearer to install said leg-portions of said spring in said nasal opening without the wearer’s fingers contacting said end-adhesive segments and to maintain alignment of said strip with said UV-spring.

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