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Veterinary Clinic

This humane and effective policy is in the medium and long term cheaper and more efficient than the indiscriminate catch and kill” policy of many municipalities in Bucharest for example the city hall wasted more than 5 million Euros between 2002 and 2005 killing approximately 100.000 dogs and still the streets of Bucharest are full of dogs, especially peripheral areas.
The Jews of annexed Transylvania used the Hungarian language in the Zionist press, even under Romanian rule, those of Bukovina German, while in Bessarabia the language of the Jewish press was Yiddish Each province kept its traditions, autonomous structure, and cultural life, within the framework of the all-Romanian Federation of Jewish Communities.

Twichynoses : A small charity that mainly focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating Bulgarian street dogs, fostering many until they can be re-homed, usually abroad and at the same time providing help and support for local shelters and taking much needed aid to municipality pounds.
The rescued dogs were adopted by us, transported to our open shelter in Bihor and after we have socialized them, caring about them, keeping them in proper conditions, for the most of them, which were shy and became friendly, we find loving owners in the country and abroad.
Willman and some of his followers were removed and replaced by others appointed from among the leadership of the Zionist movement and the Union medic veterinar non stop of the Romanian Jews (U.E.R.). Thus the Central Board was prevented from taking any harmful initiatives against the Jewish population.

According to the statistics given by the Federation of Jewish Communities, which based itself on a registry of those in need of the community’s services, the number was approximately 45,000, and its files did not include those Jews who have no connection with the communities.
The Lithuanian Animal Welfare Organization « Pifas » would like to kindly thank « The Kismet account », SNIP International, WSPA and MDC Exports for the conference in Vilnius (September 18-20th, 2009) « Lithuanian cat population Management: the Problem and Solutions ».

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