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Pashmina Store

Currently it is a peak season for the scarf shopping. One could also indulge in Indulge in our gorgeous hand-woven pashmina and cashmere crafted with the finest material and eco friendly dyes to add a sense of panache also offered in a vast range of colors and designs that could be worn through any season.
However there’s a distinction between these 2 types: whereas the patchwork loom shawls area unit created up from separate slender strips, the patchwork adorned shawls consists of a definite variety of on an irregular basis formed items joined along, each levelling the predominant colour scheme of the scarf.
Pashmina100.com is a renowned name for providing high-quality cashmere pashmina. View our latest collection and buy pure pashmina shawl, scarf, stole and wraps Even the front knot style can be so chic and only takes a few minutes to do. Great as a shrug, a shawl in interesting colors can instantly brighten up one’s appearance. 100% pashmina A high quality Fairtrade handmade product from India. A warm iron is okay, but it is best to put a piece of paper or fabric between the iron and the pashmina.

The beauty of Kashmir has kept everyone mesmerised from ancient times and various pashmina-made garments have kept fashion world intrigued for a long time. Pashmina scarves are the way to go to help you solve all your fashion troubles. Eastern Silk Exotic Textiles has one of Australia’s largest ranges of silk fabric, hand made pashminas, cashmere and silk and wool shawls all imported directly from craftspeople in India.
It is said that the shawls from Kashmir were famous even in the times of emperor Ashok (3rd C BC) but many writers credited Sultan Zain-Ul-Abidin (1420-1470 A.D) as the initiator of Shawl industry in Kashmir. We bet you, there can’t be a better online shopping website to buy cashmere pashmina than Pashmina100.
Much of the time they are available in vivid colors which will transform even the plainest of outfits. Thus, it is very important for those who wear shawls to know how to use them properly especially when there is an important occasion or event that must be attended.

Pashmina wool is not only beautiful and light, it is also amazingly warm. This is an original number 37 Red Cashmere Pashmina brought to you from beautiful Nepal. The best time to don these beautiful cape shawls is when the air is chilly as it is in winter. Like any fashion accessory, every piece has its proper place and time.
We are known for good reputation, timely delivery and high quality products at competitive rates, we have placed ourselves much ahead of our competitors. These handy little scarves are incredibly soft and warm due to the high quality of the cashmere yarn that we use.

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