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How Bail Bonds Work In Georgia

Since 1971, Roswell Bonding Company has proudly served the citizens of Metro Atlanta offering reliable bail bonding services. It is рrеttу unfаіr fоr реорlе nоt tо have thе emergency саѕh needed tо release thеіr lоvеd ones frоm a city jail or county detention center in Georgia regardless if they need less than a $1,000 for a bail bond down payment or $5,000 for a cash bail bond.
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Sureties on criminal bonds in any court shall not charge or receive more than 12 percent of the principal number of bonds set in the amount of $10,000.00 or less and shall not charge or receive more than 15 percent of the principal number of bonds set in an amount more than $10,000.00 as compensation from defendants or from anyone acting for defendants.
An investigation into a detention officer and a bail bonding agent at the Alpharetta Jail uncovered a bribery scheme in which Fulton County Detention Officer, ROBERT JAMES illegally referred inmates to Gloria Garcia, an employee of AA OK Bail Bonds company.

Minor offenses may allow the officers at the jail to issue a standard bail amount and release an arrestee with little or no time in Bail Bonds Fulton County a jail cell. We serve all of Coweta County and Metro Atlanta with fast, courteous, personalized attention to your bonding needs.
For any of these crimes that are bondable only by a Fulton County Superior Court judge, you will get a court date that will be in Courtroom 8C of the Fulton County Courthouse. Third, just because a bonding company is approved in nearby Fulton County, Clayton County, or is a bondsman Alpharetta, this fact won’t necessarily mean that he or she is approved by the Atlanta Jail.

The latter will offer to post your bail bond in return for putting one or some of your assets as collateral. When this happens, you don’t need to hire a bail bondsman, the accused just has to promise to be at their next court date. Other Atlanta bonding companies will let the phone ring off the hook when all you want to do is get someone out of jail.
After a person gets arrested within the city limits of Atlanta, Georgia they will be transferred to the Atlanta City Detention Center on Peachtree Street, also known as the Atlanta Pretrial facility. A bail bond is a contractual guarantee, issued by a licensed bail bond agent, between the agent the defendant and the court, that promises the court the full bail payment if the defendant does not show up for his or her scheduled court hearing.
To post bail, first take note of the county your friend or loved one is being held in. Bail bondsman companies are like insurance agents. We post bail bonds in Cobb County, DeKalb, Fulton, Smyrna, and Powder Springs, Georgia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nearly three years ago, Channel 2 Action News reported that nearly 100,000 defendants had been accused of failing to appear for their cases at Atlanta Municipal Court.

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