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Affordable NYC Marriage And Couple’s Counseling

Couples counseling is available to couples in which each partner is a registered Columbia student and is enrolled in Columbia Health. Clients who seek counseling for a personal or professional crisis may need a more robust form of support, including extra sessions and extended time until the situation is resolved or they are feeling more resilient and better able to cope without the help of a mental health professional, psychotherapist or psychologist.
One reason for its hold on people is that it is a psychologically stimulated neuro-chemical state, induced by the release of adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin that occurs when the sex addict engages in intense sexual fantasy, rituals and behaviors.

The sexual terrain of our times, especially after AIDS, is filled with fear, uncertainty and reactivity – for « normal » people, never mind neurotics, homosexuals, alternative sexualities (BDSM), cross-dressers, people who embrace polyamory rather than monogamy,- AND for the baby-boomers who are trying to forge a new paradigm for sexy aging.
Spiral2grow has Psychotherapists, Couples Counselors, and Marriage Therapists as well as Executive Coaches that guide and help clients address their Therapy concerns effectively and attain their best results by utilizing a result-oriented approach as well as proven coaching and psychological methods.

There was a vacillating connection between fetishistic love objects in his fantasy world where he could express none- threatening love feelings and « real » women who were his companions and intellectual equals, although he held no erotic feelings for them.
Through the lens of psychoanalytic-informed, attachment-based, Mindfulness, EMDR and CBT approaches to therapy with my clients, individuals and couples are able to understand themselves and their relationships, as well as any unconscious internal conflicts that interfere with personal development, life-satisfaction, success and goal-attainment.

Finally, time and energy spent on preoccupation and control of the addict can be used to attend to emotional support for the children, to recommit to and obtain increased satisfaction from work, to meet new people, and to develop new recreational activities.
Dan Weiss, LCSW Dan has been doing clinical work for over 20 years and brings a down-to-earth style that, combined with his experience working with children, adolescents, families, individuals, and couples, contributes to his unique ability to connect with and help resolve those issues that have brought you to therapy.

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