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Balancing The Body After A Stroke

June 2, 2000 – When blood flow to the brain is cut off during a stroke , the lack of oxygen can have truly devastating results. Impairments related to autonomic control of blood flow and cardiac regulation can occur after stroke, specifically if the stroke occurs around the parietal and insular cortex 54 – 56 One study reported that those individuals with left insular stroke had an increase in cardiac events such as heart failure within one year after stroke 57 These cardiac complications could have significant effects for cardiac function during activity and exercise.
Dynamometry; timed up and go; six-minute walk test; stair climbing test; sit and stand up test; isokinetic strength; walking speed; ot exercises for stroke patients peak FC; peak VO2; 1MR; quality of life; balance; scales used to monitor perception of effort; EMG; strength platform.

Vital Energy Wellness and Rehab Center in Lexington, SC reported that one of their patients had seen excellent results with hydrotherapy The patient, a stroke survivor who lives with paralysis on her right side and severe osteoarthritis in both knees, was unable to stand, walk or perform daily functions on her own.
Patients undergo repetitive exercises with limited variations that often become monotonous to them ( Clarke, 2014 ). Thus, technology-assisted platforms built using the fundamentals learnt from conventional rehabilitation can offer intensive, interesting, and quantified rehabilitation while manipulating the tasks and thereby offering variations in challenge level.

Even though the results showed harder performance during the aquatic treadmill test, patients did not feel as if they were working harder, which shows the aquatic treadmill exercise is a viable way to improve stroke recovery faster without the added strain.
Further, researchers have presented Kinect-assisted VR-based game environments aimed toward improving the range of motion and other functionalities of patients ( Borghese et al., 2012 ; Pastor et al., 2012 ). Though these studies have challenged the patient’s functional ability while exposing them to the Kinect-assisted VR-based exercise platform, yet, in most of these cases, there was no task specific variation in the VR environment that can be motivating for patients.
Request a free Info Kit today to learn more about the therapeutic advantages of hydrotherapy and HydroWorx technology, or browse our blog and our extensive video library to see how aquatic therapy has helped patients with a wide range of conditions in clinics throughout the country.

Hawthorn contains cardiotonic amines, polyphenols, and is a source of Vitamins C, B, and many other nutrients that help in relaxing and dilating arteries, increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to and from the heart and maintaining healthy blood pressure resulting in lowered risk of stroke.

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